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Savoury Scrolls

October 28, 2015

Another one of our families favourite foods to snack on right now… the best part is that the combinations are endless! Again these are made in the Thermomix and I love that I no longer have to knead dough. Such a time saver! Thank fluck for technology…I would have failed miserably as a 50’s housewife. If you don’t have a ‘Therminator’ you can easily adapt this recipe I’m sure, but I can’t be arsed looking for that conversion method right now. #sorrynotsorry

Today I have made Ajvar (a delicious Croatian tomato based vegetable relish) and cheese scrolls with fresh baby spinach from our garden. And a sprinkle of chia seeds because I love to sneak some healthy ingredients in wherever I can. (But I won’t be putting alfalfa sprouts on my child’s vegemite sandwich, that is crossing a huge line. True story that I was witness to in my child care days!)

My little darlings loved these scrolls fresh out the oven after cooling slightly and they fill up little bellies really well. A constant battle in our home.

Savoury Scrolls

450g luke warm water

3 teaspoons instant yeast

750g bakers flour

3 teaspoons bread improver

splash of good extra virgin olive oil

Preheat oven to 200 degrees C. In the mixing bowl add 50-70g cheese, speed 10 for 30 seconds or until evenly grated. Remove and set aside for later, no need to wash the bowl. Place all dough ingredients evenly into the mixing bowl in the order as they appear. Mix on speed 7 for 15 seconds. Switch to kneading function and knead for 6 minutes. During this time I like to prepare my bench top area and give it a wipe down ready for proving the dough. I am absolutely in love with my thermo oven mat. It is amazing for cooking on, even at high temps and I prove on it too. When the dough is finished it needs about half an hour to rise, or double in size. Then you are ready for the fun part, and children can help with this too.

Roll out evenly into a rectangle shape with a rolling pin, roughly to cover the thermomat then spread with Ajvar, sprinkle with grated cheese and ripped baby spinach. Next tightly roll into a log shape and then with a sharp knife evenly cut into slices. Place each piece on your baking mat (or tray) and gently squash into flat even circles. Leave a little space for spreading while cooking. Now you can sprinkle with chia seeds and then it’s into the oven. I bake mine for 15 minutes exactly. Once cooked take them out and leave to cool and store in a sealed container. Because they have no preservatives they don’t last as long as normal shop bought scrolls, but let’s be realistic…I had to make a whole new batch the very next day because they were consumed within 12 hours!

Some other combinations I often use are spinach and cheese, bacon and cheese…I grate 2 rashers of bacon in with the cheese. For the sweet tooth, ok me on the couch after 7pm, I used Lino Spread. Think Nutella. Absolute Genius. Until bikini season.

Warning, it will smell amazing and taste freaking spectacular.

You no longer need the bakery. Congratulations!

Note: Ajvar and chevapchichi are a match made in European heaven…



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