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enchanting little wooden dolls in 12 colours of the rainbow

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Grapat Nins 12 set

The Grapat Nins 12 set is a delightful open-ended high quality wooden doll set consisting of 12 different coloured friends which can be used in imaginative loose parts play where children create stories and build small worlds.

Spark your childs imagination with these heirloom beautifully crafted pieces.

Combined with other elements, they can transform play into limitless scenarios. They can be part of mathematical, language and sensorial games, amongst others. Moreover, as this material is not structured, it allows for the dolls to be used in a broad number of ways.

They don’t have eyes or a gender. This way, it’s the children who can develop their own stories and it’s them who decide which character they are going to play with.

Grapat is a small family project that materialized from leaving the city to live in a natural environment. However, the idea began to grow within us many years ago, during the first 3 years of our eldest daughter. She has almost had no toys and that has led us to consider on the need for children to have them. We have done an internal work of conscience to allow her to use everyday objects, we have opened kitchen closets, we have allowed the books to become roads, the scarves transform into huts and roads …

It inspires us to see our children and other children playing, the game has something sacred, like a parallel world-like meditation that is governed by its own rules, times. The game is the moment of the YES, where EVERYTHING IS OK, except the rules that are established and that normally have to do with not hurting oneself, others, the environment, the material and the creations of others … And When these moments of true play occur we take care of it, we protect it as if it were a sacred moment. We do not interrupt, we take care of space, we keep silent …

It inspires us daily to see how the need to play, almost more than to eat (in our case), leads them to play with a stone in a horrible field in the midday sun in summer. The game in children is like an earthquake that can not be stopped, however much we adults try with all our strength. Free play, loose parts, open and unstructured material startle us daily because it transforms into what they decide and which are the fruit of their internal need. We propose a material without instructions, the only premise is to let do, without time, slowly. A material that incites, invites, causes the creation of diverse worlds, fantastic, realistic, invented …

We work at home, with earth, fire and river around, and many children always close by inspiring us daily as they flutter through the garden jumping complacent …


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