U-Konserve Bamboo Utensil In Mesh Pouch

U-Konserve Bamboo Utensil In Mesh Pouch


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U-konserve bamboo utensil in mesh pouch is a compact reusable bamboo duo. One side is a fork and one side is a spoon and is more functional than a traditional spork because the fork has full-size tines.

Jump on the zero waste movement and get yourself this handy little reusable utensil. Perfect for your work lunch bag, picnics, camping, caravanning and travel or in your child’s lunchbox for school. The utensil is lightweight, durable, and hand-finished with a natural, food-safe oil.

Reduce, reuse, recycle! Help the planet by doing your part with this sustainable and eco friendly plastic free swap for an otherwise high waste and single use item.

Each utensil comes with a drawstring mesh pouch.
Utensil is made of sustainably harvested bamboo. Mesh bag is made of polyester.
16.5cm long x 3.5cm wide.
Free of BPA, phthalates, PVC and lead!

  • You’ll inspire others by decreasing your impact on the environment. Join the movement and share your experiences. Get inspired by following other waste-free advocates: Trash is for Tossers and Zero Waste Home.”

Why U Konserve?

  • Reusable and Waste-Free
    Our products are designed to reduce the staggering amount of trash that ends up in our landfills and oceans every year because of food packing.
  • Sustainably Designed
    We use high-quality, non-toxic materials designed to be durable and long lasting, and to minimize waste throughout each product’s life cycle.
  • Non-Toxic and Non-Leaching
    We offer non-toxic, safe products that are tested by CPSIA-accredited independent labs to ensure that they are free of BPA, phthalates and lead.
  • Functional and Practical
    We offer products for kids and adults, ideal for lunches, travel, picnics, takeout, salad bars and family leftovers. They’re easy to clean, and easy to pack and store.
  • Feel Part of Something Big
    One reusable solution can save thousands of single-use plastic bags and containers from landfills. Replacing disposables with long-lasting alternatives is a commitment to foster important change. Joining the movement empowers and connects everyday actions with meaningful results.


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