Mini blackboard, TOUCHWOOD

Mini blackboard, TOUCHWOOD


A naturally sweet personal blackboard.

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Mini blackboard

A cute and fun mini blackboard your children will love.

Made from responsibly sourced and aged Australian Redgum this mini blackboards is a fun and portable blackboard suitable for all ages and rooms in your home.

Perfect for name place cards at special events, menu board for the kitchen, or a lovely addition to your child’s cubby house.

Promote your child’s writing by gifting them this mini blackboard and watch their literacy skills and creativity grow.

Easy to take with you just about anywhere,  they can be used in the car for long trips or will fit easily in your carry on luggage for long flights.

The texture of these blackboards is incredibly smooth from the hand sanding each individual piece is finished with. Inspired by nature, and fostering children’s imagination everywhere!

Chalk not included.

Approximately 17 cm x 13cm

As each piece is handmade no two pieces are the same and may differ to those shown here.


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