Sustain-A-Stacker Trio Lunchbox, GREEN ESSENTIALS

Sustain-A-Stacker Trio Lunchbox, GREEN ESSENTIALS


Large sized food grade stainless steel stacking lunchbox with 3 compartments. A lunchbox that will last.

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The Sustain-a-Stacker is the larger Big Brother of the Tuck A Stacker.
It’s a large convenient, compact and reusable three compartment food grade stainless steel lunchbox and best suited for large appetites.
The Sustain-a-Stacker:
Includes 2 stackable levels and bonus oblong container, which can be snuggly stored inside the second layer or used on its own.
Stacker Layers
Complete Set – Length:18.5 cm, Width:13.5cm, Height: 9cm Top Layer – Height: 4.5cm
Bottom Layer – Height 5cm Capacity
Top Layer holds 800ml
Bottom Layer holds 800ml with the top later fitted (The top layer snuggly fits on the inside of the bottom layer) Oblong Container
Measurements: Height: 4cm Length: 12cm Width: 6.5 Capacity
1 cup/250ml
* Food Grade Stainless Steel
* Unbreakable * Non Toxic *100% Safe *
Reusable *Dishwasher safe * Waste free * Non Leaching * Plastic Free * Hygienic * Durable
Care Instructions:
* Hand wash or place in top draw of Dishwasher.
* Not insulated, not for use in microwave. Not recommended for use in ovens.
* Not 100% leak proof.
* Level 2 and the oblong container can be used as separate units.
Ideas for your Sustain-a-Stacker
* Level 1 – Large Sandwich or Wrap, Rice Dish, Pasta, Salads
* Level 2 – Fruit, Sushi, Dried Snacks, Nuts, Slices and baked goodies
* Oblong Container – Nuts, Dried Fruit, Cherry tomatoes, carrot and celery sticks, and Thick dips like Guacamole and Hummus

Made ethically and responsibly in India.


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