Noughts and crosses, TOUCHWOOD

Noughts and crosses, TOUCHWOOD


A natural take on an old family favourite game that makes a beautiful and special gift.

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Noughts and crosses

Noughts and crosses by Touchwood is a timeless game with a natural and beautifully handmade twist.

Made in Australia from responsibly sourced and aged Australian Redgum this noughts and crosses set is a fun game for the whole family that even the youngest members can join in on at the family game night.

Wooden toys are a wonderful addition to any child’s play.

Wooden toys are durable so they last longer than plastic toys and therefore there is less waste. Modern high tech toys are designed to amuse and distract children and are often noisy and over stimulating. Wooden toys tend to inspire creative and imaginative play in children. They allow children to engage in meaningful play, developing cognitive and problem-solving skills that they will carry throughout the rest of their lives. The natural textures of wooden toys stimulate the child’s senses as they invite children to touch, feel and explore.

Educational wooden toys are an important tool in children’s development. Many educational wooden toys build critical lateral thinking and problem solving skills and help build fine motor skills. The environment of a child with natural toys is quiet, calm and more beautiful than in a room with battery-operated plastic toys.

By giving a child a wooden toy you are not contributing to the environmental damage associated with the making of plastics, thereby also protecting the child’s future.

The perfect size for travelling this game set would be a great addition to that long car trip or even suitable for taking onboard a long flight to keep the children endlessly entertained.

Think outside the box next time you buy a present for that special someone.

Featuring 10 playing discs made from solid timber with lovingly hand painted images and a printed calico game board that doubles as a storage bag.

A beautiful, natural keepsake gift.


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