Lizzie The Frill Neck Lizard, EMONDO KIDS

Lizzie The Frill Neck Lizard, EMONDO KIDS


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Lizzy Lizard loves being the life of the party.

She will soon have your child immersed in their meal and leave them wanting more.
Constructed from 100% Bamboo, Lizzy’s multi compartment design allows you the option to offer your child an elaborate meal for one. Or alternatively a more relaxed meal in a fun and playful manner.

Use Lizzy as a platter or sharing plate on those busy days, and you will have no trouble getting the gang to eat all of their snacks and treats, with a minimum of fuss.
Approx. 27 x 21 x 2 cm

*Please note, each plate will have its own character from the bamboo used and may vary in grain and colour from each other and the one pictured.

Made of 100% Moso Bamboo, Food safe certified, ethically made.