Baby & Child Teething, BRAUER

Baby & Child Teething, BRAUER


Natural teething relief suitable from birth.

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Baby & Child Teething includes ingredients such as soothing Chamomile, which is traditionally used in homeopathic medicine to help temporarily relieve the pain, discomfort and irritability of teething. Baby & Child Teething may be used from birth: the natural blackcurrant flavour and included oral measuring dropper make it easy to give to your baby.
• Infants under 6 months: Initially, give 1 mL every half hour for 4 doses. Thereafter, 4 hourly.
• Infants 6 months and over: Initially give 2 mL every half hour for 4 doses. Thereafter, 4 hourly.
• Use only as directed. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare practitioner. A convenient measuring dropper is supplied with every liquid.
Each 2 mL dose contains 2 μL of each of: Aconitum nap. 30C; Actaea spicata 6C; Belladonna 30C; Chamomilla 30C; Colocynthis 6C; Kreosotum 6C; Merc. sol. 6C; Nux vomica 6C; Silicea 6C.
free from:
• Paracetamol
• Ibuprofen
• Artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners
• Gluten and lactose


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