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February 8, 2016

For the last two months I have been testing out a few great products from the Australian family owned and operated company ‘Moo Goo’.

These guys have a huge collection of products ranging from hair care, aluminium-free deodorant, (my first introduction to the Moo Goo brand and now a bathroom staple) sunscreen, (my friends swear by this one) a complete baby range and of course creams for all sorts of skin conditions. Click here, to have a look at the extensive range for yourself.

As I get older and wiser I have realised that all skin care products are not made equal, and some have some pretty nasty shit hiding in them…particularly every day items I was using on my little darlings skin. Since having children I have been madly been researching and reading labels in a bid to decipher the gigantic chemical code names and have discovered the packaging and wording does not always reflect the actual ingredients.
I have made a big shift away from products using SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulphate) ever since and am always on the hunt for gentle skin care products with as many effective natural ingredients as possible. And one that’s not going to break the bank.

Enter the Moo Goo herd!

The lovely Marketing Coordinator Sammy sent me a few products from across their huge range to try out on our whole family and we are very happy with the results!

A quote from the letter included with the products said “When it comes to your skin we know that the ‘steaks’ are high. All of our products are made for people with sensitive skin, or skin problems, but are also a good choice for those wanting products that are natural and healthy rather than harmful and damaging.”

Here’s what I honestly thought…

Nappy Balm, 100g $13.50

Having a toddler who seems to be constantly teething this has been an absolute god send! At the slightest hint of a rash I have applied a light coat of this barrier cream and by the next nappy change it has completely disappeared. I have also recently used it on the Fournado when he had a wetsuit rash on his, umm, balls. Naturally it was very sore and he didn’t want me to come anywhere near it but I managed to get a small blob on the affected area and it has healed it remarkably well after a few applications. I sought medical advice from his doctor on an unrelated visit and she said it was a great cream for this ailment.  

Don’t you just love it when things actually work.

I love that it has a safety seal and comes in a tube which means no messy fingers for me trying to scoop it out, and the flip top cap means never losing the damn lid! Squeezing it out of a tube also means you are not potentially introducing bacteria into the whole container of cream by sticking your fingers in there. This fits easily into the small pockets of my baby bag so it makes a great travel pack too.

It is a very gentle yet extremely effective balm which is perfect given it’s applied to such a sensitive and delicate area; and if bubs accidentally gets it in their mouth you can have peace of mind Mama’s because it’s made from edible oils.

I will definitely be stocking up on this one, it’s my new favourite!

Full Cream Moisturiser, 75g $13.50
I have kept this one for myself, as it is really indulgent but it is able to be used on children as well.
Thick yet not greasy at all, this moisturiser has been perfect over the hot Australian summer we have had. It is an intensive moisturiser that I can still feel on my skin when showering in the evening after wearing it all day. The base of the cream is sweet almond oil and it also has coconut oil, pasteurised honey and surprisingly apple cider vinegar to balance the ph of our skin. I think it smells delicious and it and feels super hydrating. I like to use it after swimming to give back some much needed moisture to my skin after the harsh chlorine water has dried it out.

This comes in a no mess pump pack bottle, and one squirt is plenty for my hands, arms and shoulders. It fits easily into a handbag which makes it a great cream for on the go. 

Anti-Aging Face Cream, 75g $34.90

We all love the prospect of slowing down the ageing process…Vanity sells. So naturally I was very keen to try this one. It has Resveratrol as one of the star ingredients which is a big name in the anti-aging market right now. I was only given a small sample size of this cream that lasted me a week. Because of this reason I don’t feel I am able to give an accurate opinion of the long term effects and after looking on the website it mentions to use the product for a month to start seeing proper results. I would like to purchase the 75g size and try it for a longer period. Hit me up with an email in a while if you want to know how it went!

What I can say is that it is a lovely slightly thick cream with very little fragrance that feels great on my skin and soaks in really quickly leaving it feeling soft and smooth without that gross greasy feeling.

Mini Moo Bubbly Wash, 500ml $17.50

This is a fantastic product! I can’t remember how many different sulphate free bubble baths I have purchased that look and smell great but don’t actually bubble up so this was the first thing I checked with this one and it did not disappoint! My one year old excitedly proclaimed “Bubbles!” with a little squeal in the bath the first time we tried it. (Or was that me thinking “Hooray I’ve finally found one that bloody works?!”)

It has a beautiful soft scent and doubles as a wash which saves me time, and if I’m really honest I’ve used it as a shampoo on the odd occasion too! The bottle has a pump pack nozzle and we used 2 pumps each bath time. It has some lovely cleansing ingredients including Aloe Vera and soothing Colloidal Rice Bran which leaves a silky film over the skin locking in the moisture. Smooth as a babies bum!

I love this product and will continue to use it on my children. For a cleansing natural bubble bath that really works, and in a decent sized bottle I think it’s quite good value.

Strawberry Tinted Lip Balm, $5.50

I love lip balm. It was one of the first things I packed in my hospital bag each time preparing for my (childbirth) hospital stay. I always have one in my car, one in my bag, a few in my cosmetics draws and one in Mr Diamonds car for emergencies. Safe to say I had a lot riding on this product trial!

I have used this at least once a day everyday for nearly 2 months. Conditioning and moisturising it has left my lips feeling silky soft and smooth. It is full of natural ingredients like Beeswax,  Shea Butter and also has natural beetroot extract to give it a hint colour. Other brands sometimes use the Cochineal beetle, boiling it and then extracting the colour. Ewww! Actually a lot of things pink or red are coloured in this way. Even though the balm looks very deep red I wouldn’t say it’s an actual tint though because after testing it on my lips and hand it left no colour, just a soft clear sheen. I do love this lip balm though, and asked if I would I buy it? Yes. Totally.


I have really loved using all of these products and will continue to be a regular Moo Goo customer and advocate. I love that you can look online to find the complete and transparent list of ingredients in each product. I feel really comfortable using Moo Goo on my whole family knowing the research they have put in to making it a healthy alternative for those wanting to get away from the chemical maze. For an Australian company that uses natural ingredients the products have a very accessible and competitive price point.


It’s a Diamond!


[Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post however I was gifted the products in return for my honest opinion and review.]

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