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November 26, 2015

 Mimco Lucid Baby Bag

Handbags. Something that excites most of us Women and something that most Men will never understand. I’ve never had a designer baby bag before; not because I didn’t want one but because I didn’t want to have to spend that much money on a bag I would ‘just be putting a few nappies’ in. How naive I was. I think most of us parents know by now that a well equiped baby bag can be the saving grace in many would-be awkward social situations. I tried to convince myself that I didn’t need a decent (usually meaning expensive) nappy bag so I tried to make do with the bags I already had. I thought I could avoid buying a purposely designed baby bag; because all handbags are created equal right?

Turns out not.

My pre-children handbag was the first to be recruited back to the dressing room dust bag; a deliciously butter-soft leather Ralph Lauren tan shoulder bag. Such a gorgeous bag, yet totally incapable of fitting the amount of associated baggage that comes with the birth of your tiny little newborn bundle.

Second I tried using my larger Michael Kors big black bag purchased as a souvenir of our time in Singapore. Yes, it did fit mostly everything required for touring with toddlers; but to get to anything you have to pull everything else out first and what you need is guaranteed to be at the bottom. Every. Time. And that is not good when you have your arms full of baby. Besides, I am far to ocd to have an unorganised baby bag.

Next I tried a cutesy proper nappy bag that I found as a ‘bargain’ at second hand shop. It was a satchel style bag that had a beautiful soft damask print on the exterior but then on the inside it had a scary bright orange fit out happening. With a flap and magnetic close. Whaaaat!? Now is it just me? What the hell! A flimsy little flap and poxy little tiny magnet. For a baby bag. That flap ain’t going to keep anything in place for long let alone survive the car ride with me into town on my second office desk/front passenger seat! I like a big fat zip that is going to safely encompass the entire contents of my bag please! I hate feeling like something has rolled out of my bag during the flight; and I’m sure my fellow passengers hate the sight of my rear end crawling around on the floor checking under the seats behind and in front of us to make sure we haven’t lost anything… Dudas, crayons, snacks, drink bottles, toys, keys…Put a zip people! But I could have dealt with that. What I couldn’t deal with was how I actually couldn’t fit anything into the bag once I had packed the pockets with the required nappies and wipes. Go figure. Back to the secondhand shop the ‘bargain’ went.

Most recently I even made myself a beautiful nappy wallet. I went to a sewing class and met some lovely nana types there doing quilting that all loved seeing my baby who was patiently watching us sew from her pram. I madly pumped out the fastest nappy wallet you can imagine while I had those 6 clucky lovely old ladies to help me entertain baby Juju. It actually turned out really well, and while it is gorgeous, (and did I mention I made it?) it was not going to cover us in any major messy emergencies we may very likely encounter. So after much research, careful consideration and social discussion, I decided that it was time to face the Mimco store head on.

 I have never had a Mimco bag before so I wasn’t sure what all the fuss was about although I had seen plenty of them during my David Jones days as a perfume counter princess. Yes, really. {Between 12 and 2 I was part of the David Jones ‘perfume-dolls soldier army’ that had to stand to attention armed with cosmetic samples or a killer bottle of perfume to hand out to the passing lunchtime crowds. Sometimes people came back to buy my perfumes. Sometimes people came back to give me their phone numbers on my perfume cards. The stories I could tell you…Maybe I will. Later.}

Mimco didn’t disappoint. What really won me over in the end was the style combined with the functionality. I chose the black and rose gold version and it was love at first sight, from the very moment the shop assistant carefully unwrapped it from the crisp new box it came in. I began to fill it straight away, right there at the counter. Initially my heart was flirting with the idea of picking the lighter blush colour but then my head interrupted and loudly said ‘No! You need the black one…You have spirited children! What are you thinking?!’ So beautiful black it is.

One thing I learnt immediately. It really does make life easier having the right nappy bag for your needs. It’s so nice to be prepared. In style.

Here’s what I thought! It’s not that much bigger than a normal handbag, yet it is very deceiving as to what you can fit inside it. On the front left pocket of the bag is the token Mimco hardware in rose gold, and I think it looks stunning. There are 3 other good sized pockets (2 have zips) and these are great for keys, snacks, receipts, hairbands and other odd bits. There is also a pocket at each end that both fit big drink bottles, and on the back of the bag is the larger zipper compartment containing the Mimco change mat. I keep nappies and wipes in here also, for quick access. 

Inside it features three large elastic pockets that each fit my large wallet, my glasses, (in their big hard-case cover) and my iPhone 6+. In the middle is a zippered plastic sleeve section that I like to put food snacks in because if it does spill it won’t go through the whole bag, or you can put wet/dirty items in there. On the back side is 2 large zippered pockets; one that I keep baby items like nappy creams, sunscreen, medication etc in and the other one I use for pens, note pads, lip balm, mints and other mama essentials. The space left inside between all the pockets is huge. I can easily fit enough to go away for a weekend. I have A4 size books and folders, clothes, toys, blankets, lunch boxes and the odd few items when I forget the shopping bags at the supermarket and it’s not too structured, yet not too slouchy. I love that it has a large strap and also two shorter handles, and of course, the all over zip close! It fits well on all of my 3 prams, the bag material is wipeable, and it would easily cater for mums with twins or more. This bag looks fab with all sorts of streetwear looks, gym gear, or even just jeans, ankle boots and a maternity top. I always get comments. I wish I had purchased it sooner, like with my first darling child!

I did notice however that it doesn’t have thermo lined bottle pockets and it is definitely too big to go out (alone) for a quick latte with a friend as I discovered last weekend whilst having brunch with my Mother and Sister; they walked in and exclaimed “What is that?” pointing to my bag and suddenly I realised I didn’t have children with me (it doesn’t happen very often) and I didn’t require the workhorse that is my baby bag. My reply was “This is what a Luxury looks like Ladies…Luxury combined with covering my ass in any situation” and continued to casually sip my Chai while making a mental note to just grab my wallet next time!

Verdict: It’s a Diamond! I don’t usually like to spend that much on one item but this was an exception and it is amazing. I use it everyday and it’s made my mama side of life much easier. It’s feels strong and sturdy even when it’s packed to the absolute brim and it hasn’t felt like the handles are under any great strain or they are going to come off at any given moment and probably in one of the most inconvenient places possible. It feels comfortable to wear both over the shoulder or to carry in your hand. After all my other bag fails, and then thinking of it in a cost-per-use way, then the $249.00 price tag is justified. That’s what I’m going with anyway. I would definitely recommend this bag. Even when my children have long grown up I feel this bag will be a staple item in my wardrobe and serve me well for years to come. Thinking about it now, it would also make the most perfect carry on luggage piece for that one off chance I might actually get to take the business class flight by myself.

Love Jolie x

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