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My Family Photo

September 15, 2016

My Family Photo

I remember it well. A beautiful crisp sunny autumn day with clear blue skies late in the sun drenched afternoon…and my two little darlings were in fine fierce form.

The then Fournado was particularly revved up, super excited to be in the big city with energy bursting from the depths of his boyish soul. Even after my verbal prepping for weeks, days and then again minutes beforehand, it went totally out the window. Nothing was going to stop him and his cheeky little cheerleading sister from running amok, yet again.

“Please look at the camera” I begged,  “and smile!”  I did not like my chances.

I remember leaving feeling so very frustrated and cross because the children had not listened at all – they just wanted to run around exploring the park and not sit still for the photoshoot. I was so sure there would be no decent photos. I was feeling like a failure of a parent because my kids were dressed as angels yet running around like little devils, totally ignoring all direction from me. Magnified, of course, because I hung around just long enough to see the next family arrive for their photo shoot – they were calm, quiet and picture bloody perfect.

Pffftttt, robot children.

So you can imagine my complete surprise and absolute sheer delight when the photos came back…and they were all sorts of wonderful!

DIAMONDS AND DUDAS                                        diamonds and dudas

Wow! Absolutely stunning images. I was so very impressed. And I suppose the models are pretty damn cute too, even if they are wild at heart.

Those ladies worked so hard to get us some truly beautiful and sharp high quality pictures that our family will cherish for years to come. Amber and Chani worked so well with the children as they effortlessly managed to work with the boundless energy in a positive way to capture the very essence of their spirited personalities in each photo. Evidently…

diamonds and dudas

Our photographer Amber was so patient, to the end of the earth! She also had a helper with her called Chani, who had the super fun job of distracting the children by jumping up around behind the camera with cute little props in the hopes they would giggle and glance her way for the money shot. This was a greatly welcomed addition we have not yet experienced in previous photo shoots with the cherubs. It really was fantastic and made all the difference having the extra person there to help as she was able to redirect and channel the kids focus to exactly where our photographer needed it.

And because they don’t listen to me.

family photo                                              family photo

Safe to say I am ecstatic with the end result. The pictures are gorgeous and the quality and size of the files was so high that I have had trouble uploading them onto my website! Nothing like learning on the job, now I can successfully resize files myself without external applications. #miniwin

The photo shoot was a half an hour long, and the ladies made every minute count. The location was stunning with all the autumn leaves beginning to fall and we couldn’t have asked for a nicer day. Amongst the chaos of my two excitedly hurrying around Amber managed to capture crisp and clear images that I did not think was possible.


The session type we had done was a 30 minute mini shoot, costing $165 and that also included the 15 images sent to me on a usb stick.

Here’s how it works. The best photos of the session will be forwarded to you via an email link so you can view the complete collection in the comfort of your own home and the whole family can each have their input. The tough part is selecting your 15 favourite,  it took me so painstakingly long to pick – they were all amazing! Vanity may have played a small part in that…

If you really can’t keep it to just 15 then you are also able to purchase any extras you would like, which is a great option.

So if you are in need of a family photography session done I can highly recommend the team from My Family and now is the time to act!

As  a super special gesture to the blog readers My Family Photo are offering you all 10% off when you book a mini session with them! Just use the code word Diamonds. This offer is valid until  November 13, 2016 with various locations available right around Australia which makes it perfect for family Christmas photos or presents for the hard to buy for.


What could be more memorable then your own little family in stunning high quality images to keep forever.

Thank you so much My Family Photo, it was perfect.


This is not a sponsored post however I was gifted the service in return for my honest opinion and review.

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  • Reply Diana September 21, 2016 at 8:46 pm

    These snaps are adorable Jolie! Gorgeous!

    • Reply Diamonds and Dudas September 22, 2016 at 4:59 am

      Thank you so much Diana, we were pleasantly surprised ourselves! (And we think the ‘subjects’ are pretty darn cute too x)

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